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Web & TV Production
Reach out to your customers in the comfort of their own homes.

Stay fresh in the minds of your potential customers when “decision time” rolls around. At Designwerks Media, we understand that when customers are enjoying their “down time” (for example, watching television or surfing the internet) they are still susceptible to advertising. Whether you need a simple e-mail template or a full-blown 3D animated television commercial, Designwerks offers professional, content-driven solutions to bolster your brand identity.

Strengthen your brand identity with these web, television and media ideas:

       - Website Flash Banners
       - TV Commercials
       - TV Infomercials
       - Radio Commercials
       - Web Commercials
       - E-Mail Campaigns


The more people know about and have repeated exposure to your company, the more they identify with your brand and remember you when they need your products or services. Therefore, keep your customers updated with pertinent information so they can build on your company relationship and resort to your products and services more frequently.

Top ideas to advertise to your clients:

       - New Products
       - New Services
       - New Store Locations
       - Exciting News
       - Upcoming Sales
       - Upcoming Events
       - Honorable Mentions and Awards
       - Community Involvement

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