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Interested in garnishing more sales, brand awareness or corporate awards? A sales or media kit is just what you’re looking for! Because it may be seen before formal face to face introductions are made, or long after the initial sales meeting, you sales or media kit is the face of your company. Therefore, it is important to have a content-rich and brand integrated sales or media kit.

Any business that wants to get noticed by the media makes up a media kit. Depending on the business, a media kit may be anything from a basic press release about the company all the way to an elaborate package that includes a CD/DVD about the company, slides and free samples.

At Designwerks Media, we offer custom and professional designed sales and media kits that strengthen your brand and target your audience. We understand the importance of telling your brand story and allowing it to “flow” through your sales or media kit. Our approach is simple, and we don’t lose your story in arbitrary and meaningless design:

       - Introduction
       - Offerings and Benefits
       - Call to Action

Plus, we can simultaneously develop an electronic version or your sales or media kit for easy emailing, or for you to post onto your company website.

A sales or media kit may include all, more, or only a few of the following:
Pocket Folder
Interactive CD or DVD
Series of Pamphlets
Sales Brochure
Other Print
Business Card

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