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3D Computer Animation
Take your commercials or website to the ultimate level with 3D Animation

Interested in creating a 3D mascot or graphic elements for your website or commercial? Or perhaps are you imagining an entire 3-dimension animated scene and the main character is munching on your products, or using your services? With 3D graphics not only can you enliven your imagination, but you can channel it into your own productions on the big screen or your personal website or marketing collateral. At Designwerks Media, our 3D animation professionals use the same programs that the top studios in the industry use (Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar, etc.) We can do the whole process: Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Blendshapes, Animation, Lighting & Rendering, & Composting. Examples of where our 3D services can be used:

Flash for Web: Incorporate 3D elements into yourt website using Flash and be able to fly through a scene, move through a car, or see different views of a product.

3D Prototyping: We can use your concept art or sketches and actually create a real looking 3D model that you can use to show potential investors your idea through video without even having it made.

Architecture: We can use your blueprints and turn them into the actual structure. From there we can do fly through as well as provide high quality renders that look as if it has been already built.

Music Videos: We can create 3D elements whether realistic or cartoon that can be used in your next production. We can even do the whole thing in 3D if that is the look you are going for.

Television: Allow us to turn your logo into a 3D element that can be used in a tv commercial or web commercial that can move around and do pretty much anything your mind can conjure.

Print: Use 3d created elements within your business marketing collateral to get the special edge over your competition.

Mascot: Have a mascot talk about your product or service as well as introduce your site.

Once your character or 3D Elements are created, Designwerks can easy apply it to all of your other marketing materials:

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