Our Core Services include: Custom Web design | Graphic Design | SEO Web Design | T-shirt Printing | Video Production | Logo Design | Mobile Applications | Photography | servicing the local areas of Roseville - Sacramento - Rocklin - Folsom - El Dorado Hills - Granite Bay - Lincoln CA

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  • OUR GOALS ARE SIMPLE: Create a solid BRAND, Responsive website
    design that works on both Web & Mobile devices,high search visibility
    through SEO, CMS to make on the fly updates, SOCIAL MEDIA to
    communicate your message to the masses, and VIDEO to put a face to
    the message = INFINITE ONLINE POWER!
    Responsive Web Design - SEO - CMS - Video - Mobile -Social Media
  • We understand the CORE principles of designing a site that looks beautiful, is dynamic and engaging, has the power of a solid CMS, and the smarts to get ranked high on search. When you are ready we will turn your idea into something both SMART and POWERFUL!
  • Whenever we give a presentation the first thing we talk about is BRAND management and how important it is to not only be unique, but consistent, and stand apart. If you need help establishing a solid identity, let us help you "evolve your brand" and develop upon your business strategy. Don't let customers be confused about who you are!

    Your Local Roseville Web Design | Sacramento Web design and Graphic Design company.
  • We are a small business with a world of talent and knowledge. We are always expanding our creativity into new mediums so that we are never one dimentional. All the services we offer are done in house. We believe that we have created a good BALANCE between art and functionality.

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Designwerks Media 2.0 Site

Since opening our doors back in 2008 we have had the pleasure of working with many different local and state wide businesses. Because of our busy workload we put most of our time into clients projects to provide the best product and quality service around. Because of this, our own site was doing what we preach not to do, sit! We felt it was time to not only show off all our new work, but at the same time celebrate our 5th year in business by creating a new site that represents us as a creative studio. We wanted to show off our imagination in the design as well as create a new framework that works well in search. At the same time we wanted to make it easy to navigate as well as provide dynamic content and imagery that gives our site life. We felt it was time to differenciate ourselfs from every other design firm out there that follows the same Applesque model of simple clean modern look. Its been done over and over and everyone is starting to look like eachother. We are artists and creators first! We hope you enjoy the new look. Please check back often for updates to new projects and articles related to seo, web, and design.

SEO Web Design | Dynamic Website Design

SEO web design is another way of saying design my site to be given the best chances of being found on Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is sometimes almost as important as the website itself. If you cant be found by typing in a search term related to your business then how is a potential customer going to find you. At the same time Designwerks stongly believes that we are in a WEB 2.0 era where a site needs to be more than just a business profile, but a dynamic engaging user experience that both highlights the brand and at the same time keeps your customer interested. Most businesses have websites today that sit and do nothing. By using the latest in web technology, connecting social media and blogging, as well as concentrate on creating a strong brand we are able to drive new customers to your website and inturn convert them into a potential lead.