Our Process

At Designwerks Media we believe strongly on the three C's (Cooperation, Coordination, Communication). Knowing this is our motto, we work with your company as if we are a part of your business and you ours. Whether you a large corporation or small startup we treat each job and client the same. Every team member is involved and every project we work together as 1 UNIT to give every client the needed attention and time to make sure their goals are met. We are a Creative Studio that literally can do it all. Hard to believe, come visit our Roseville studio and see for yourself!

Our Core Services include: Custom Web design | Graphic Design | SEO Web Design | T-shirt Printing | Video Production | Logo Design | Mobile Applications | Photography | servicing the local areas of Roseville - Sacramento - Rocklin - Folsom - El Dorado Hills - Granite Bay - Lincoln CA

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Step 1 - Identify Goals

The first step will always be a business interview which will help us get to know more about you and how your business functions. Because every business is different there is never one set marketing plan that fits everyones needs. The idea is to identify what are the key components to best help grow your business We then create an action plan on how to get there.

Step 2 - Action Plan

The name says it all, we create and outline an action plan that is designed to have you succeed. What this means is we make it our job to provide a clear direction on how to get there. We talk about brand management, custom web design, social media, blogging, Video Production, Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Analytics, development and so much more. We use the services needed to make your plan successful.

Step 3 - Creative

The Creative Process starts with finding out more about your likes and dislikes. Creative is all visual in the beginning, but it eventually turns into something more of an outline of the project as a whole. The idea here is to create something that is both visually appealing, functional, and dynamic. Our attention is spent on the details and braches out from there.

Step 4 - Develop

Without a detailed framework / Outline to work from development will never be streamlined. This step is critical as it is the process that puts everything together and gets things to function and come alive. Whether we develop for web or print we always have a clear understanding of what is needed to be done and do not start this phase until client is 100% happy coming from the Creative phase.

Step 5 - Deliver

Delivery is always based on timelines. From the beginning we outline dates, key objective for deliverables, deadlines, and work towards final output daily. We understand every business is busy so we make it a priority to keep the communication flowing and provide quick turnarounds at each step of the process so there is no lag time. Once everything is built we then have 1 week before launch to have client check for bugs and or changes and then go LIVE soon after.

Final - Consult & Train

We never would leave any client sitting there not knowing what to do next. It's like buying a new car that is stick shift, but having never driven stick you feel stuck. We make sure we not only train the client on how to use their site, or how to market their video, or best ways to distribute their new print collateral. We consult with you on the best practices that we have found work best through the years. We get you started and keep communication open so that if you have any questions you will always have us to help guide you along the right path. Remember your goals are our goals and we strongly believe if we are able to help a client grow and thrive then we've done our job to perfection!