Understanding SEO

Designwerks bread and butter is design. Yet we won't get very far in this tech savvy world with just a pretty web page. To truly have a successful site, you'll need your clients to be able to find you! This is where the very technical art of SEO and SEM come into play. We always highly suggest considering the advantages of SEO & SEM to our clients because while we are confident that they will love our finished product, we want others to enjoy it as well! The benefits of a good marketing strategy is key in creating a thriving site. It's a digital age and advertising and marketing are moving with it. (We recommend a combination of traditional and new media for maximum direct response marketing) Designwerks has a successful strategy to maximize your search engine results and gain you more traffic.

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Most Commonly Successful website content Aspects to Consider:

  • Updating - frequent updating of content. This should be done at least once every few weeks. The more the better!
  • Few to no spelling and grammatical errors. This actually is important to top-ranking web pages on Google!
  • Short and concise paragraphs - primarily brief 1-4 sentences. Avoid long blocks of rambling text.
  • Lists bulleted and number should form a large part of the web contents text
  • Sentence structure and length - try to keep it mostly brief; medium length and long sentences should be sprinkled throughout the text rather that blocked together.
  • Contextual relevance - your content should hold important keyword that are relatable to the main idea of the page.

What is SEO & SEM?

SEM is the process of utilizing the technology of search engines with the goal of promoting a web site and increasing its traffic. Tthe target is to increase business and profits. Some areas that are within SEM involves traditional ads, paid inclusions and pay-per-click advertising. These are all tried and true marketing wonders. They offer the advantage of immediate benefits. While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is key to being found in any search that a consumer uses. If you want to be found on Google, this is what you should be considering. SEO is a truly mathematical process and has many stages that will bring your company to success. It takes years of practice and a keen eye to be a true expert in the SEO marketing field. Luckily, Designwerks has just that talent! We are known for getting our clients on top.

Another benefit of choosing Designwerks for your web hosting is that we are able to enable companies of all sizes, located anywhere in the world, to leverage and capitalize on the power of the Internet. We can do this without the expense and technical infrastructure required to support an Internet presence. We work to ensure that you are receiving the highest performance, security and consistency with our web site hosting.

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