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Web Hosting
For fast, easy and reliable web and email hosting choose Designwerks Media.

Because we only offer web hosting to existing design clients, our server space is never bogged down nor are our telephone lines always busy. How many people can say they know their web host by name? With the personal approach we can tailor our web and email hosting packages specifically to your business needs. We understand your website’s language, whether it be PHP, HTML, XHTML, etc. because we designed and implemented it. By choosing us to host your website there is no risk of information getting “lost in translation”. All your vital internet information is safe and stays in one secure place. Plus if you have any web hosting or email address problems you won’t be stuck on hold for hours on end waiting to talk to an out-sourced call center that really does not understand your web problem in the first place. You will be talking directly to Designwerks Media who can identify your specific needs and problems.

Get Started Now: Call us at 916.517.9855 to schedule your free consultation.
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